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Chai de la Chèvrerie - Pineau des Charentes - Jousseaume House welcomes you

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Goat with Pineau is only a step ...

In all cases in our region is like that.

For over 50 years, the Jousseaume House raises goats and makes goat cheese farmer of great renown.

The passion of the delicacies of the goat and the vine led us to one day have to make room in Pineau des Charentes in the former stable of the goats. "The Cellar of the Goat Farm" (Le Chai de la Chèvrerie) was born.

Since then, what better to drink a glass of Old Pineau des Charentes with a goat cheese farmer refined?

Here, quality, soil, food and tradition have made an appointment with your taste buds for a walk in the land of delights to share with family and friends.

Through this tour you will discover, order and enjoy the excellent Pineau des Charentes from the Chai de la Chèvrerie

Recipe of the moment

Recipe of the moment - PIE WITH PINEAU DES CHARENTES - The Recipe of the moment
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"The Nectar of the Gods"

The Extra Old Pineau of Chai de la Chèvrerie.
Very Old Pineau, Gold Medal 2005.

Exclusive Internet Price!

The birth of Pineau des Charentes

He is a legend which tells you that the Pineau des Charentes is not only the fruit of the vine but also that of chance.

In 1589, when Henry IV ascended to the throne of France, a Charentais vineyard during harvest, accidentally poured the grape must into a barrel containing Cognac.

He then gave what was in the cellar of the domain lord.
A few years later, when a bumper harvest, the precious barrels it became necessary.

He was surprised to discover a wonderful drink, clear and sunny as the land of Charentes. 

The Jousseaume House is also ...

Click to zoom the image... over a hundred medals won in regional competitions, national or international such as the Concours Général Agricole whose fifty Gold Medals that were awarded the quality of our cheeses and our Pineau.


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