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Recipes with Pineau des Charentes

Some recipes Pineau easy and quick to undertake

  • The melon with red Pineau  (Pineau in the hole of melon!).

  • Salmon steak au Pineau red. It is the leather pad in a pan. When cooked, pour half a glass of red Pineau. It leaves a little lower ... You can also decorate by adding cream and some herbs.

  • Hot goat cheese with red Pineau: hot goat cheese nature + one coffee spoon red Pineau out of the oven.

  • Ice cream with red Pineau: Vanilla ice, ice chocolate, fruit jam red + red Pineau.

  • Escalope of turkey with white Pineau  + fresh cream and small mushrooms.

  • Mussels in white wine with white Pineau open.

  • Hot prawns with white Pineau .

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